We Provide...

all can be provided or broken up depending on needs

  *Full coverage insurance, liquor and general liability

*Set-up and break down, (we do show up 2-4 hours before actual event time)


*1 - 4 bartenders (depending on event size)

*Bar (when applicable with black linens), any other color you will need to get from your event rental company

*All bar supplies i.e. shaker, corkscrews, knife, can opener, cutting board, towels, tip jar (when applicable), coolers, and bar mats.

Straws, white beverage napkins unless provided with own, limes, 

cherries, olives, bar nuts, trash cans.

Up to 400lbs of ice.

*(we do ask that an empty separate cooler be available for us to put your leftover alcohol in for you to take)

*Plastic cups (9 oz. for wine, shots & champagne, 12 oz. for mixed drinks,

16 oz. for sodas & keg beer) if any glassware is wanted you will need to get from your event rental company.

*We will provide the basic mixers, coke, diet coke, sprite, cranberry, orange juice, pineapple juice, club soda and tonic water (depending on agreement)

Unlimited consultation.

You will provide:

All Alcohol.

Bottled Waters.

Keg taps.

We can provide suggested amounts for guest attendance!

We can work on signature drinks together!

**There may be additional fees for picking up and or returning spirits**

***Prices are subject to change***

Balance plus gratuity is due at the end of the event.

Payment: Cash, check made payable to Stock the Bar or credit card (visa, master card or American express)